Eclipsing Binary Observers

  1. Luigi Balinelli
    Telescope(s): 16" f/5 Newtonian
    Detectors(s): HiSis 23 camera (KAF 401)
    Filters: BVRI
  2. Marv Baldwin
    Telescope(s): 17" Dob
    Detectors(s): Rods and Cones
  3. Ray Berg
    Telescope(s): 8" LX200
    Detectors(s): Visual
  4. Gary Billings
    Telescope(s): C-14
    Detectors(s): AP-7b
    Filters: BV
  5. Lew Cook
    Telescope(s): 17.5" Newtonian, 29" Prime focus (in modification)
    Detectors(s): CB245 (Genesis 1602E on order)
    Filters: BVRI
    Observatory Web Page
  6. Walt Cooney
    Location:Baton Rouge, LA USA
    Telescope(s):12" LX-200, 20" OGS R-C
    Detectors(s):AP-7p, AP-47p
    Filters: BVRI (12"), BVR (20")
    Observatory Web Page
  7. Sergio Dallaporta
    Location:Cembra, Trento, Italy (11.2 E, 46.2 N)
    Telescope(s): C-11
    Detectors(s): Optec SSP-5 and SSP-3
    Filters: BVRI
  8. Bill Dillon
    Location: Needville, TX, USA (95.6 W, 29.4 N)
    Telescope(s): 46 cm Newtonian, 91 cm Ritchey-Chretien
    Detectors(s): Apogee AP-8P
    Filters: BVRI (91 cm), VR (46 cm)
    Observatory Web Page
  9. Shawn Dvorak
    Location: Clermont, FL, USA (81.7 W, 28.6 N)
    Telescope(s): 10" LX200
    Detectors(s): CB245
    Filters: VRI
    Observatory Web Page
  10. Russ Genet
    Location: Santa Margarita Lake, CA, USA (120.5 W, 35.3 N)
    Telescope(s): 10" LX200
    Detectors(s): ST-7XE
    Filters: UBVRI
    Observatory Web Page
  11. Pete Guilbault
    Location: Chepachet, RI, USA
    Telescope(s): 12.5" reflector
    Detectors(s): visual
  12. Tim Hager
    Location: New Milford, Connecticut, USA (73.4 W, 41.6 N)
    Telescope(s): 10" LX200
    Detectors(s): ST-9E
    Filters: BVRI
    Observatory Web Page
  13. Arne Henden
    Telescope(s): 1.0-m f/7.3
    Detectors(s): SITe/Tektronix 1024x1024
    Filters: UBVRI
    Observatory Web Page
  14. J. Andreas Howell (Andy)
    Location: Gainesville, FL, USA (82.4 W, 29.7 N)
    Telescope(s): 18-inch Newtonian
    Detectors(s): ST-9
    Filters: VR
  15. Bob Jones
    Location: Running Springs, CA, USA (117.1 W, 34.1 N)
    Telescope(s): C-14 f/6
    Detectors(s): CB245, SSP-3
    Filters: BVRI
  16. Dan Kaiser
    Telescope(s): C-14
    Detectors(s): ST-9E
    Filters: BVR
    Observatory Web Page
  17. Bob Koff
    Telescope(s): 8" SCT
    Detectors(s): CB245, ST-6
    Filters: BVRI
    Observatory Web Page
  18. Phil Kuebler
    Location: Columbus, OH, USA (83.0 W, 40.1 N)
    Telescope(s): C-14
    Detectors(s): IMG512 from FLI
    Filters: BVRI
  19. Gil Lubcke
    Telescope(s): C-11,C-8
    Detectors(s): ST-9E,ST-6
    Filters: UBVRI
  20. Alessandro Maitan
    Telescope(s): SC250 f/10 (LX5)
    Detectors(s): HiSis 33 camera
  21. Bob Nelson
    Location: Prince George, BC, Canada (122.8 W, 53.9 N)
    Telescope(s): 24" f/12 Cassegrain, 13" f/4 Newtonian
    Detectors(s): ST-9E,ST-6
    Filters: BVRI
    Observatory Web Page
  22. Chuck Pullen
    Location: Wilton, CA, USA (122 W, 39 N)
    Telescope(s): C-11
    Detectors(s): ST-6
    Filters: BVRI
  23. Wolfgang Renz
    Location: Karlsruhe Durlach Aue, Baden-Wuertemberg, Germany (8.45 E, 48.99 N)
    Telescope(s): 8" f/10 SCT, camera lenses in the range from 8 to 500 mm
    Detectors(s): visual, ST-4, SBIG ST-10XME with KAF-3200ME
    Filters: 5 mm Bessell UBVRcIcC, Baader UV+IR-Cut, SDSS z' (B+W093 = 2mm RG830 ~ Wratten 87C)
  24. Russ Robb
    Telescope(s): 20" Cassegrain
    Detectors(s): Star I CCD 348x576
    Filters: BVRI, H-alpha, Neutral Density
    Observatory Web Page
  25. Gerry Samolyk
    Location: New Berlin, WI, USA (88.2 W, 43.0 N)
    Telescope(s): MAS Observatory; 25" f/15 cass, 12.5" f/9 newtonian,12.5" f/7.5 newtonian, 10" f/10 Lx200, 10" f/6.3 LX200, 10" f/5.6 newtonian (qty 10)
    Detectors(s): ST9XE, ST6B, ST9E (qty 2), visual
    Filters: BVRI
    Observatory Web Page
  26. Tony Shoup
    Location: Irvine, CA, USA (113 W, 33 N)
    Telescope(s): 24"
    Detectors(s): ST-8E, ST-6, Optomechanics Model 10C spectrograph
    Filters: UBVRI
    Observatory Web Page
  27. Chris Stephan
    Telescope(s): 14.25", 6",binoculars
    Detectors(s): visual
  28. Dirk Terrell
    Location: Boulder, CO, USA (105.3 W, 40.0 N)
    Telescope(s): 10" LX200 and 24" B&C in town, easy access to 29" on Mt. Evans and 1.8m in Calgary
    Detectors(s): variety of CCDs and PMTs
    Filters: UBVRI, various IR bands on 1.8m in Calgary
    Observatory Web Pages Sommers-Bausch, Mt. Evans, Rothney
  29. Rick Wasson
    Location: Hacienda Heights, CA, USA (118 W, 34 N)
    Telescope(s): 14" Newtonian f/5
    Detectors(s): CB 245
    Filters: VR
  30. Doug West
    Telescope(s): 10" SCT, 8" SCT
    Detectors(s): SBIG ST-8, Starlite Xpress MX-9
    Filters: BVI
  31. David B. Williams
    Location: Whitestown, Indiana, USA (86.4 W, 40.0 N)
    Telescope(s): 28cm Schmidt-Cass, 0.9m Cass. at IU's Link Observatory
    Detectors(s): Optec SSP-3 (photodiode) and SSP-5 (PMT)
    Filters: BVR